Why You Need to Protect Kids’ Eyes from Direct Sunlight

Heading to the beach for a soak in the sun and to have some fun is something that you look forward to as a family. But there is a hidden danger out there – the UV rays of the sun. Many parents opt for a wide-brimmed hat to protect the vulnerable skin and the eyes of the little ones from these rays, but are these enough?

One of the much-forgotten items for most parents is a pair of sunglasses. These sunglasses help protect the eyes of the little ones, but you first have to choose the right pair from http://www.sunglasspicks.com/ and make sure the kid keeps them on. With the right steps, you get to avoid future vision issues.

The Need for Sunglasses

Children are much more likely to suffer from the effects of ultraviolet rays as compared to adults. These rays can penetrate deep into their eyes and lead to the onset of issues such as cataracts and macular degeneration. It is vital that you protect their sight and since these kids spend a lot of the time in the outdoors. You need glasses that can protect them against 100 per cent of the rays.

You might think that a wide-brimmed hat can do the job, but this is not the case. The sun still reflects off the sand, sidewalk and the water directly into their eyes.

You might argue that kids need sunshine to generate vitamin D, but what you also don’t know is that as they soak in more sunshine, their eyes also bear the brunt of the harmful UV rays. Just like you protect the skin using sunscreen, you also need to protect the eyes with the right pair of sunglasses.

When Should They Start Wearing Glasses?

You need to start considering sunglasses when the kid is 2 and half years old. It might not be so easy at first, but with the right sizing, it becomes easier as they get older.

What to Look for When Choosing Kids Glasses

Choose a material that is ideal for kids, most preferably polycarbonate. This material is hardy and impact resistant, and lighter than a conventional lens. The polycarbonate itself protects against UV rays.

Choose a large frame that prevents the sun from getting in from the sides. This wide design also keeps out the dirt, sand, and debris. The frame should also fit snugly and be comfortable.

Final Thoughts

You need to keep your kids protected from the harmful rays of the sun always. Use the right kind of sunglasses to keep the UV rays away.