Ideal Appliances For You: Blenders, Food Processors, or Mixers

Desserts, drinks, salsas, and snacks are pleasant to have, either with or without your main dishes. In crafting such food, one may pick from various kitchen appliances. Moreover, the usual tools for producing them are blenders, food processors, and stand mixers. But, if you only are willing to purchase one of them, hence the following question. Which one is ideal for producing tasty foods that people could appreciate?

Blenders: Liquified Delights

Drinking beverages such as juices, shakes, and smoothies are a convenient, healthy way to amuse yourself. Also, you can drink while doing various activities, such as eating, interacting with others, surfing the net, walking outside, or watching a movie, and it remains hassle-free. Furthermore, you can select from a wide variety of flavors when it comes to drinks. Now, you might ask which kitchen appliances can whip you the best drink. Thus, the answer to that question is obvious, it is the blender that is compatible with purees, smoothies, and so forth, and you may decide on one from the best Blendtec smoothie maker online.

Food Processor: Chop, Grate, and Mix

Food processors excel at chopping, grating, mixing and pulverizing solids into bits. Whether you wish to create salsas, grate cheese, grind bread crumbs, prepare pie or pizza dough, or produce salads, it gets the job done. Furthermore, it is the only home kitchen appliance available that easily kneads pie or pizza dough. Also, you may puree liquid ingredients, but be careful since the container will not function as well with liquids as a blender would. Lastly, you may select between a full-sized processor for dough work or a miniature-sized for regular chopping work.

Hand Mixer: Batter, Cream, and Whip

The hand mixer may not have the same power as its standing counterpart, but it is excellent for light work. Whether it is to beat eggs, cream sugar and butter, mash potatoes, and whip cream, this modest tool will be your trusted pal. One advantage it has over a stand mixer is that it takes up less space. However, it will not be able to handle heavier tasks such as dealing with large batches of food. As long as used as intended, a hand mixer is a practical tool to add to your kitchen.

Stand Mixer: Heavy Duty Mixing

What a hand mixer fails to handle, will likely be simple work for a stand mixer. Thus, it is suitable for regular or professional bakers who perform heavy-duty mixing. With this, moist cake batters and large batches of dough pose no problem. And if you have certain attachments, your mixer will even churn ice cream, grind meat, and roll pasta dough. However, these are quite sizeable so ensure that your kitchen has the necessary space before purchasing one.


At this point, you should have the desired appliance in mind. Blenders perform well with liquids, food processors turn chopping, grating, and mixing simple, and both mixers are ideal for cake batter and bread or cookie dough. Select the appliance that you truly need, and if you prefer another, just purchase again.