How Reliable are Online Review Websites?

We’ve all seen companies launch a new product or a business that just started weeks ago, and in no time they have dozens and sometimes hundreds of 5-star reviews. Especially at sites like Trip Advisor, Google My Business, and Amazon.com, it’s full of fake reviews so it’s extremely hard to divide the truth from the reality.

One Easy Trick for Real Reviews

The easiest way to find out if a website is faking their reviews on above-mentioned places is by looking for 1-star reviews, or any review on or below 3-stars really. That way you will get to see the real picture. Most companies or product owners don’t go on forever by adding fake reviews, it’s just a start-up thing to level themselves with the rest.

Another neat little trick is to wait a few months before doing business with them (if you can’t find something similar from competitors that is because who really wants to wait?), and then sort it on the most recent reviews, and once again you will have a realistic view of the morals and standards of the company you aim to get involved with.

How About Other Review Sites?

Product review sites like SelectedBest, Trust Pilot and Cnet are in general a lot more reliable. Yes they are an affiliate and they earn a percentage on each sale, and they don’t hide that fact as Amazon and the likes force them to put a disclaimer that’s visible on every page.

No matter how much I think about this I can’t find a solid reason why they would write fake reviews, or reviews with a lot of untruths in it, Amazon provides such a broad range of products that it’s rather easy to pick the highest quality ones so there is no reason whatsoever to make things sound better than they really are.

Unless it’s a total crap product at a very low price range but you already know yourself, what sounds to good to be true always is so don’t fool yourself in getting the best deal because some small unreliable review site says that the quality is top-notch, and obviously the DYOR (Do Your Own Research) applies to every purchase you intend to make online.

Summing It Up

We like to keep it short this time, but if I have to summarize it I would say that external affiliate review sites are in general much more reliable then the customer reviews that you find at the sites yourself. Some marketers even asked me if there’s even room for affiliate review sites due to all the reviews on Amazon and Trip Advisor itself and the clear answer is yes, people love to read a second opinion before making a purchase so if you are looking to make some money on the side then go ahead and start a new site. Just be honest with your visitors if you want them to return.