How NOT To Open a Wine Bottle

Everyone talks about how to open the wine bottle the right way; today we shall go from the norm and talk about opening the bottle the wrong way, and how you can rectify the situation.

The topic of opening a wine bottle is rife on the internet because there are so many things that go wrong with the procedure. It also seems like the people are hell-bent on making sure they come up with different ways to open these bottles so that they can indulge.

Pushing the Cork Inside

Some videos are making rounds on the internet of people using all manner of tools to open wine bottles. Some use keys while others use clothes hangers, and any other kitchen utensil that comes into view. This is a huge mistake, and it does not make the process any easier.

One of the “ingenious” ways that users are opting to open wine bottles is to push the cork inside the bottle. Though you will have access to the wine, you risk either breaking the instrument you are using to manipulate the cork or even breaking the bottle itself.

The reason why the bottle can break is that pushing the cork inside the bottle creates high pressure. This pressure is what can break the bottle.

Cutting off the Cork

Another way I have seen people on the internet try to open the wine bottle is the use of a nail to chip off the cork bit by bit. The problem with this is that you get a lot of chipped pieced of cork in the wine. Additionally, it takes time and effort.

Any wrong move and you stand to break the glass or injure yourself. What you need is to get the right bottle opener for the job.

Others try to cut off the cork, and then try to make a hole in the cork so that they can pour out the wine in small doses. The wine ends up with lots of tiny pieces of cork that spoil the fun.

The Extreme: Drilling through the Cork

One of the extreme methods is to use a slim drill bit to drill through the cork. The result is hundreds of shards of cork in the wine. You spoil the fun.

Conclusion: Use the Right Tool

The right wine opener makes sure you get the cork out in one clean sweep and makes the process quick and effortless on your part. Navigate here to know what kind of options you have.