Different Types Of Vacuum Cleaners And Their Unique Features

There are different types of vacuum cleaners which are available in the market. Each cleaner has its own importance and use. A person needs to know all the types of vacuum cleaners before buying one. Some of the most popular vacuum cleaners are mentioned below. They will help you in finding the right one-

Handheld vacuum cleaner

Used mostly for cars, these vacuum cleaners are used as a quick escape from dust and mites before someone is coming for dinner. They are found in every household as they have made the cleaning process a bit easier, unlike the retro cleaners which were bulky and difficult to carry.

Unique feature – it is lightweight and handy. It can be transported from one place to another with ease.

Upright vacuum cleaner

The upright vacuum cleaner is the oldest form of vacuum cleaner which is still used for cleaning. It has been in the industry since ages and has made its place to the top 10 most used vacuum cleaners across the world. They are however, hard to move and things get tricky when you need to do the stairs or second floor.

Unique feature – excess amount of cleaning can be done in no time. Floor cleaning and day to day cleaning can be performed with neatness.

Industrial cleaners

These are the big ones! They are capable of handling anything suppose, you have a garage or a factory where spills and dust is a common sight. These cleaners are capable of removing all the types of liquid with ease. They are powerful and widely used in factories. While other cleaners might seem allergic to liquid and stop working, these cleaners have the caliber to clean it all without any second thought. They are huge in size and also make a lot of noise while cleaning because of the powerful sucking mechanism.

Unique feature – spills can be cleaned with the help of industrial cleaner. New models in the market are lightweight to enhance the ease of use.

Central vacuum cleaner

These vacuum cleaners are gaining a lot of popularity. There are many benefits which are attached with a central vacuum cleaner. The use of these cleaners has been appreciated across the globe by people. Plug the hose and clean mechanism gives a relief to people who earlier would carry huge machines for cleaning from one floor to another. Today, central vacuum cleaner is highly rated and it is widely used in offices and household purposes.

Unique feature – different hoses can be placed at different ends of the house. With this vacuum cleaner, cleaning gets easier and all the dirt and garbage is collected in one unit placed at the store. The process of cleaning has enhanced with technology and this system is the perfect example.