Bad Mattresses: The Common Culprit for Back Pain

Back pain occurs commonly in the morning, for most people. Causes may vary, but one frequent culprit is the mattress. Yes, it is quite possible, especially if back pain is the first to greet you in the morning.

Is Your Mattress Truly the Culprit

If you only experience back pain during the morning, often up to thirty minutes after you wake up, then your mattress may be the one to blame. More so if you did not change your daily activities and you are experiencing frequent back pain early during the day. Another sign would be taking a long time to get to sleep or experiencing late night wake-ups commonly, particularly when you feel discomfort on the bed.

Avoiding Back Pain Due to a Bad Mattress

A rule of thumb for replacing a mattress is every eight years, so you may want to remind yourself to replace them before that time comes. After all, a worn-out mattress would no longer provide the sufficient cushioning to support one’s posture while sleeping. If you feel like your body is about to sink when you lie down on the bed, it may be best to replace the mattress.

Examples of a bad mattress would be either too firm or too soft. A very firm mattress would likely apply excess pressure onto your body, leading to misalignment. On the other hand, your body would sink into the bed if you lie down on a soft mattress, which is not good since it leads to bad posture. Ideally, you would go for something in between the two extremes.

Good Mattresses are Worth the Investment

If you value your health, then it is best that you invest in a good mattress. After all, you will be sleeping on top of it each night, for about seven to nine hours. Surely, you would not want to risk your health by being too cheap. You may want to check https://freeyourspine.info/best-mattress-back-pain/ for more advice on mattresses and back pain.


Your mattress may be the culprit for back pain, more frequently than you think. If you experience back pain first thing in the morning, and often only during the morning then it is best that you replace your mattress. Find that sweet spot between firmness and softness, so that your sleeping posture and your comfort would not suffer. Remember, purchasing a good mattress is an investment towards your good health.